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Hookah Motors Harley-Davidson

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Code: 01451800
Brand: Hookah Motors
€1 579
Category: Hookah Motors
Total height [cm]: 53
Hose: yes
Bowl: no
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use reduction for additional hose: no
Colour: silver
Base to stem connection: screw-thread
Type of hookah: alloy
The item has been sold out…

Harley-Davidson - a motorcycle icon that was created in 1903. It is known mainly for the unmistakable style of choppers with famous V-Twin engines. And that's exactly what Hookah Motors Harley-Davidson is made of. Hookah Motors made this mode only in two pieces.

Hookah Motors uses only premium parts of real engines with high quality and durability to produce hookahs.

The hookah is packed in a stylish wooden box and includes a hose and a mouthpiece.