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Soft Smoke Lite

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Code: 01447800
Brand: Soft Smoke
Category: Soft Smoke
Total height [cm]: 49
Number of hookah hose ports [pcs]: 1
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use of reduction instead of air release valve: no
Hose: no
Bowl: no
Colour: silver
Base to stem connection: grommet
Type of hookah: steel
The item has been sold out…

Modest and adaptable.

Soft Smoke Lite is basically just a stainless steel stem with a heart made of high quality and very durable plastic. The Lite hookah offers the ability to fine-tune the final look to your taste with one of the Body Kits on it.

At the end of the steel downstem is also an easily removable diffuser.

The Soft Smoke Lite hookah package includes a vase and seal for the vase and bowl.

Note: The shown height is without a base.