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Soft Smoke VG 304 Red

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Code: 01447907
Brand: Soft Smoke
Category: Soft Smoke
Total height [cm]: 56
Number of hookah hose ports [pcs]: 1
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use of reduction instead of air release valve: no
Hose: no
Bowl: no
Colour: red
Base to stem connection: grommet
Type of hookah: stainless steel/alloy

The majority of the Soft Smoke VG 304 hookah is made of high quality stainless steel, the cornerstone of all Soft Smoke models. But VG 304 differs from its siblings at first glance. The metal body is covered with a colored shell of durable duralumin. And if you are in a steel mood, just eject the case.

At the end of the steel downstem is also an easily removable diffuser.

The Soft Smoke VG 304 hookah package includes gaskets for a base and a bowl.

Note: The shown height is without a base.