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Kaloud Lotus I+ Azuris

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Code: 01426703
Brand: Kaloud
Height [cm]: 4,5
Bottom diameter [cm]: 7,5
Brand: Kaloud
The item has been sold out…

Kaloud Lotus I+ builds on previous model enriched with nice enhancements, making the smoking experience even more enjoyable. For example, a slightly modified shape leads to more comfortable insertion of commonly sized coals. After opening the lid decorated with the Kaloud logo, you will discover even more distinctive improvements - milled pekas at the bottom of the HMS prevent charcoal from burning out due to better airflow.

Instructions for use

  • Do not place the Kaloud Lotus I + on a hot heater and do not expose it to direct fire.
  • Do not scrub Kaloud Lotus I + with a wire brush or other sharp objects that could damage its surface finish.
  • Do not clean Kaloud Lotus I + with chemicals.
  • Never clean Kaloud Lotus I + in the dishwasher.
  • Allow Kaloud Lotus I + to cool after use.
  • Never put hot Kaloud Lotus I + under water.
  • Do not expose Kaloud Lotus I + to high temperature changes.
  • When using, try to avoid contact of Kaloud Lotus I + with tobacco in the bowl.
  • Exposure to high heat and other effects associated with use may cause partial or complete loss of color on the underside of the Kaloud Lotus I +. In this case, it is normal wear and tear, not a product defect.


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