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KLIFIDES Linden Line - Natural Stem

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Code: 01466801
Category: KLIFIDES
Total height [cm]: 56
Number of hookah hose ports [pcs]: 1
Hookah safety valve: yes
Hose: yes
Bowl: no
Colour: brown
Base to stem connection: screw-thread
Type of hookah: wood
The item has been sold out…

When you unleash your imagination and let your hands freely create, you may end up with an exceptional result. The proof of this is the hand-carved hookah KLIFIDES by Czech designer Filip Klíma.

Unlike some premium hookah brands, KLIFIDES products are not marked with a serial number. It is because there are no two completely identical products of this Czech hookah in the world. Even within a single product line, every hookah has a slightly or distinctly different appearance.

The inside of the body, as well as a downstem or plate, is made of high quality stainless steel. The hookah is decorated with a branded pendant. The bottom of the hookah is filled with a vase of Bohemia Crystal Glass.

Includes a silicone hose, hose connector, mouthpiece and a LED light.