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marvin Lite Dark

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Code: 01480609
Brand: marvin smoke
Category: marvin smoke
Total height [cm]: 52
Hose: yes
Bowl: no
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use reduction for additional hose: no
Colour: black
Base to stem connection: screw-thread
Type of hookah: steel

Improved. Lightweight. Still just as precise.

Marvin Lite

The latest act of the Czech hookah brand marvin smoke holds the same values ​​as its older relatives. The advantages of the marvin Lite hookah are functionality, quality and a minimalist look. Compared to the vol. 2 models, the marvin Lite also has a reduced weight due to a different body design.

The body of the marvin Lite is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, structurally stylized into a stick type. The connection to the vase ensures a short but massive thread. The manufacturer has played with the vase itself in the Lite hookah, and the hand-blown patterned glass in color variations gives the hookah a luxurious look. And of course there is also a hole for the LED module.

Every detail

Although it is not yet vol. 3, the Lite model is definitely not left behind and keeps pace with pipe trends. The novelties are the air flow patterning of the tray and the new design of the heart of the hookah with the built-in valve. The hose has also undergone a minor change, this time it is attached to the body via an o-ring system.

What you will find in the package

Marvin Lite hookah body, plate, patterned vase, complete hose with mouthpiece.