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marvin vol. 2 ALU Blue - Full

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Code: 01438406
Brand: marvin smoke
Category: marvin smoke
Total height [cm]: 71
Hose: yes
Bowl: yes
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use reduction for additional hose: no
Colour: blue
Base to stem connection: screw-thread
Type of hookah: aluminium
The item has been sold out…
marvin vol. 2 ALU Blue - Full

The main goal of ALU development was to reduce product weight, increase attractiveness, and implement new thermal conductivity technologies. To maintain the same quality with the use of new materials, we have focused with our developers to adapt all features to another material.

marvin vol. 2 ALU is a more elegant alternative to the luxurious stainless steel version of marvin vol 2 SST, offering you the same functionality with even better features will surely surprise you. It comes in 5 irresistible colors carefully selected by our designers.

The main advantage of the aluminum version is its weight, which you will certainly appreciate in your business (lounge, cafe etc.), but also in the comfort of your home. Another exceptionality is the dazzling appearance of color variations and the possibility of combining with the wood. You will fall in love with these new variations.

We have maintained modularity and compatibility with all types of bowls.

The shaft breaks down into four identical screwable parts which makes it easier to maintain, and you can even have your hookah „trimmed“ or extended in lenght as you please.

The enlarged heart of the hookah is fitted with a smart hose adapter compatible with all types of hoses. So with our original hose you won't have to use any other seals.

Enlarging the mouth of the base has brought out the best in design and it´s a lot more practical too as it much easier to stick fruit and mix cocktails in the czech-crystal made base.