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Nebulla Luxury V2

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Code: 01487501
Brand: Nebulla
Category: Nebulla
Total height [cm]: 68
Hookah safety valve: yes
Use of reduction instead of air release valve: no
Hose: yes
Bowl: no
Base to stem connection: screw-thread
Type of hookah: stainless steel
Colour: silver
The item has been sold out…

The Nebulla hookah is the work of the Czech hookah manufacturer, hookamonk, and at first glance it looks invincible. Its high-quality stainless steel body is perfect down to the smallest detail, and suggests it won't just retire. It also guarantees easy and trouble-free cleaning and high durability. The thickness of the material keeps a clean tobacco taste and flawless cooling, while the optimal diameter of the stem guarantees perfect air-flow. The bottom stem is also equipped with an integrated diffuser. An interestingly designed valve and the mouth of the tendon fully correspond to the concept of high resistance and maximum efficiency - they are embedded directly into the heart of the hookah. The icing on the cake is a carbon plate with passive cooling.

The Nebulla Luxury hookah differs from its sister Nebulla Original by a special surface finish that gives it a luxurious matte look.

The Nebulla Luxury V2 Hookah is truly an everyday hookah that bravely resists time ...