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Tom Coco Charcoal 1 kg C26 Gold

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Code: 01448900
Brand: Tom
Category: CHARCOAL
Number of coals in package [pcs]: 64
Package - quoted price is for: box
Approximate coal glowing time [min]: 120
Size / diameter [mm]: 26 x 26 x 26
Incl. quick light mixture: no
Material: Coconut
Brand: Tom Coco

One millimeter extra on each side = longer hookah enjoyment. With simple counts, we found that there is much more fun with the natural Tom Coco C26 charocal than with the smaller-sized coal. And with the premium Gold version, you'll get the maximum out of charcoal.

Natural coconut charcoal, Tom Coco, is made from coconut shells, which is a residual product in coconut oil production. It is a 100% natural and ecological product in which no chemicals were used and no single tree was cut! Tom Coco coals burn beautifully without any annoying smell and smoke.

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